Successful Results Are The Outputs of Proper Inputs Most call it luck, we call it science. We know that success isn’t born. It’s created. Our method of passing your flying exams focus on proven results, not what the crowd says works best. Watch Our Free Video Demo

Our Methodology

We do things differently

The traditional method of “ground school” and education is broken, so we came up with our own. Instead of treating your pilot training and exams as a linear system, we treat is as a non-linear, divergent system.

Linear education (broken, old way)

Most flight schools and online courses use a linear education system. There’s no “out of the box” thinking being taught and all the focus is put on content and knowledge, instead of understanding and applying. The student pilot is forced to consume unpersonalized information in a book and is then expected to achieve great exam results (which barely happens).

Non-linear education (new way) uses a non-linear education system. We provide an environment, mental reprogramming, “out of the box” thinking, real world application and feedback so that you can optimize accordingly and achieve your flying exam goals. We teach you understanding and application, which deliver much better yields than the ordinary content memorization.

Aviation exams aren’t magic, it’s action and reaction Watch Our Free Video Demo

How our method works

Traditional ground school and education systems produce “monkey see, monkey do” pilots with no ability to figure things out and to think for themselves. We provide students with an environment and cultivate self-sustainable learning — then we watch them grow.


A students ability to grow is heavily influenced by their environment. We provide the ultimate learning environment with an online community, accountability, live Q&A’s and mentorship

Building blocks

Student pilots are unique and creative, so instead of killing that part of them (like most courses), we provide them with building blocks of information and let them arrange them anyway they like

Mental Reprogramming

The #1 killer of education is psychological, not logical. For students to learn and evolve, we must reprogram their minds to enhance awareness, cognition and remove delusions.

Real-world application

Normal ground school produce monkey see, monkey do pilots who have no idea how to apply themselves in the real world. They are copy-and-paste pilots with no application ability. We instead cover the theory and instantly apply it in the real world to see what happens. This creates “thinker do-er” pilots.

Real-world goals

T-shirts, certificates and awards are abstractions that don’t reflect reality and give false entitlement. Our students don’t get certificates, they aim for, optimize for and achieve real-world goals which is reflected in their exam results.

Real-world feedback

Learning requires feedback so students can measure their progress and iterate actions to improve their results. Our students get feedback by looking at their real-world exam results and then have the ability to assess what must be changed for better outcomes.