Passing your pilot exams starts here You've just found the best mentorship in the industry. Watch Our Free Video Demo

Passing your pilot exams starts here You’ve just found the best mentorship in the industry. Watch Our Free Video Demo

Our Courses

Online PPL Pilot Mentoring Course

Level 1 Beginner Pilot

How to pass all your Private Pilot License exams within 8 weeks or less, without failing a single subject.

Online CPL Pilot Mentoring Course

Level 2 Professional Pilot

How to pass all your Commercial Pilot License exams within 6 months or less, without failing a single subject.

Online I.R. Pilot Mentoring Course

Level 3  Professional Pilot

How to pass your Instrument Rating exam within 60 days or less, regardless of your experience.

Watch the video to see how we can help you get things done - FAST!

Our courses include a series of high quality videos and explanations, detailed study guides as well as mindset training to prepare you exactly for what is waiting in the exams.

Study the way that best suits you

Study anytime, anywhere and as much as you like. All’s courses come with online, physical, social and live material.

Online e-learning platform

Watch training videos in stunning 1080p HD and listen to mp3 recordings. No more struggling through books! Access the training online from any laptop, tablet or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like.

Physical material

We supply you with physical materials like questions for each subject, summaries, formula sheets, exam manuals, a yearly calendar, data tracking software, and all the other documents which the average student has no access to.

Interactive Student Pilot community

Join an energetic community of driven student pilots on the same frequency as you. Get inspired, ask questions, generate ideas, make friends and have fun!

Expert mentorship on demand

Get professional mentorship from Januss who can troubleshoot your problems and provide direction. All courses include weekly Q&A calls, recordings, question discussion, livestream sessions and 24/7/365 support.

We have partnered with Aeroversity because they pride themself in providing student pilots with the most accurate mock exams and practice questions available online!

Aeroversity students get access to the latest SACAA questions, detailed explanations and more!

ExamRevolution’s innovative theoretical training and mentoring
course combined with Aeroversity’s accurate mock exams is the WIN recipe.

Special privileges for students students get an exclusive 25% discount on all Aeroversity subscriptions.

Aviation exams aren’t magic, it’s action and reaction gets student pilots laser-focused on the simple actions that create big reactions. You’ll find our students constantly optimizing their study systems, understanding the theory, doing the work and actually passing their exams, not just talking about it.

We help structureless, go-with-the-flow student pilots

This character represents 99% of student pilots. They listen to random advice and implement it immediately, never asking WHY. Their attention span is less than 30 seconds and their plans are all short-term. Confused about what to study and how to study, they try do everything to make sure they cover all the bases. They see the aviation exams as a giant maze of frustration and absolute chaos.

Become a knowledgeable, professional pilot

This character is very rare and accounts for roughly 1% of student pilots. They live for clarity and efficiency. They have a laser-like focus that can stay on a single task for hours on end. Their plans are long-term. You won’t find them on social media talking, they’re doing. They approach the exams with serious scientific strategy and always win.

Learn everything right here, right now!

Build your knowledge on foundations of sand and it will perish. Build your knowledge on foundations of rock and it will last forever. We teach you everything you need to succeed in your aviation exams for today, tomorrow, in the future, and against any storm.

Exam Fundamentals

Planning your studying, identifying problems, compiling the correct materials, using syllabi and building your study system.

Mindset Training

Psychology, human behavior, habits, memory, routines – how to hack your mind for massive success.

Subject Explanations

You’ll get taught how to understand it all. From the basics to the complex. We believe in teaching you how to fish, instead of fishing for you.

Exam Manuals

Do you know what to expect in the exam room? We provide you with all the materials and show you how to use them.

Questions & Answers

Ask questions, solve problems, develop a solutions driven mindset, get help 24/7/365. We don’t have subject matter experts. We have unorthodox, professional and results driven mentors.

Subject Summaries

Get summarized information
to use as quick reference when preparing for your exams. Textbooks are old school, you need down-to-the-point, summarized information that helps you work smart, not hard.

Exam Strategy

Strategy is everything. Build a solid strategy, craft your plan, review and execute.

Problem Solving

How to think clearly, solve problems quickly and see ten moves ahead with precision.

You're in good hands

The results of our students are doing the talking, and here’s what they have to say!

"I passed all my PPL exams first time, within 3 months, while maintaining an average of 88% for them. This program is next level."
Collin Namindo
PPL + CPL/IR Student
"Januss helped me to finish my last few PPL exams and I immediately decided to join his CPL course too. Best decision that I've ever made!"
Misha van Tonder
PPL + CPL/IR Student
"I was looking for a system that could guarantee results. No one was up the challenge except for Januss. What a journey it has been!"
Phillip Nieuwoudt
PPL Student
"Ground school was not even an option for me after I saw the results of Januss & his students! His coaching and program is by far the best!"
Janet Leimecke
CPL/IR Student
"Januss helped me to get proper structure and in depth knowledge about the CPL/IR exams. The support is unbelievable!"
Franz van Rooyen
CPL/IR Student
"The video content is of outstanding quality and has saved me plenty of time. I can not recommend Januss and his team any higher!"
Henning Stols
CPL/IR Student
"Januss has given me the confidence and tools to my flying exams easier, quicker and with really good results. Top program!"
Nicole Mienie
CPL/IR Student
"Januss helped to stop my exams from lapsing. There is no faster and better way than this program. Don't waste time, just join!"
Willem Naudé
CPL/IR Student