3 Reasons why not all students are passing their exams first time #1

3 Reasons why not all students are passing their exams first time #1

You must have heard this phrase before, whether is was from a friend, a relative or your flying instructor. It doesn’t matter who it was, what matters
is that what they have told you, is as true as it can get!

Through my career as flying instructor I have seen multiple students falling into this trap numerous times. Setting a goal is not planning. Planning is setting a goal and knowing what to do every month, every week, every day, every hour and every minute to achieve this goal.

Planning is taking your goal and breaking it down into bite-sized action items required to reach your goal. This is a vital part of studying which seems to have died a slow death.

Everything can be done with a touch of a button these days, so why do we have this problem? The real answer lies in the laziness of human beings and the fact that they don’t want to face the reality of what is required of them to actually reach their goals.

Everything has moved to “easy” and “fast”, but there is nothing that can compare to a properly planned schedule and a detailed game-plan to reach a goal. This takes time and effort to do, and 99% of the time is scary too!

Finishing all your theory subjects should be a detailed game-plan, right down to the hour and minute.

Picking up your study notes and just reading through the content to “where-ever I can get today” is not going to get you through your flying exams. If you have been following this method, you are setting yourself up for failure. No student has more time than another, we all have 24 hours in a day and what you make of this 24 hours is going to determine the outcome of your exams.

Although it may sometimes feel like a waste of time to plan, it will make a massive impact on the time gained during studies. The benefits of proper planning are endless, the most important one being that you will have MORE time and freedom. It will not be necessary to sit for hours and hours a day if you plan properly and stick to your study schedule.

My instructor used to tell me : “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance” and to this day I will never forget his wise words. They have been stuck with me ever since and I apply it in every aspect possible in my life, from eating breaks in my schedule, right down to when I am taking phone calls.

I have been fortunate enough to learn very early that good planning is the key to getting most from all of your activities. This discipline will help your create a very good study-life balance and will benefit you in many areas of your life for years to come.

Do you want to pass your exams? Start by planning your studies properly and stop setting yourself up for failure

"Fail to plan, Plan to fail."