About the Company - ExamRevolution

We go the extra mile for our students! World class training is in our DNA.

Januss Engelbrecht, CEO at ExamRevolution

On a mission to empower pilots

ExamRevolution was started with the goal in mind of helping businessmen to complete their PPL's. However, the goal has changed significantly over the past few years to include helping every student pilot to pass their theoretical pilot exams with ease.

With over 500 students having experienced our course and attaining arguably the highest first time pass rate in South Africa, this goal is becoming more realistic and achievable each passing day.

By means of high quality videos, notes and other study material, as well as personal mentorship from experienced instructors and mentors, ExamRevolution provides a world-class online ground school course that offers so much more than any other ground school could ever offer.

With an emphasis on teaching concepts to attain in-depth understanding, rather than teaching concepts just to pass exams, the course will provide the opportunity to invest in your personal growth to become a more knowledgeable and safe aviator.