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Meet your new Instructors

It will be hard to find a team more experienced and dedicated.
With thousands of combined flight hours between these instructors, you can rest assured that you'll receive the help you need.

  • Januss Engelbrecht


    ATPL holder and instructor with over 4000 hours. Former Training Captain for Corporate Operator in Abu Dhabi, and Former Commercial Pilot / Flight Instructor at Adventum Charters.

  • Christoff Kalp


    Commercial Pilot with multi-engine Instrument Rating, with around 1000 hours. Has flying experience throughout South Africa on various privately owned aircraft.

  • Nicole Innes


    Commercial pilot flying for 10 years. Grade II Flight Instructor as well as a volunteer pilot for the SA Red Cross Air Mercy Service.

  • Lubbi Triegaardt


    Frozen ATPL holder. Grade II Senior Flight Instructor with over 1000 hours of instruction. Has Corporate Flying Experience on PC12.

The Support

Behind every successful instructor is a support team. Our support team guarantees that your studies progress without a hitch.

  • Carlo de Villiers


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